• Log in teams.microsoft.com using browser OR using TEAMS app with your ID and password.
  • In 'MS Teams' software / app 'Question Paper' appears as Assignment under ACTIVITY feed. At the time of the exam the Question Paper will appear at the top of the "ACTIVITY" feed.
  • Click the "ACTIVITY" Tab.
  • Click on the Title of the Question paper.
  • Open the Question Paper, read the instructions carefully and start attempting questions.
  • Once you complete your attempt in all respect, it is suggested that you review all your answers and if required make changes.
  • To submit the attempted / answered question paper to the college, click the "SUBMIT" button on or before scheduled Due Time / End Time. This results in successful submission of your attempted / answered question paper. After submission (clicking the "SUBMIT" button), you will not be able to carry out any changes.
  • On successful submission, you will get a Thanks message - "your response was submitted".
  • If you do not click the “SUBMIT” button as mentioned above, you will be marked ABSENT in that paper automatically.
  • If you try to click the “SUBMIT” button after the scheduled time is over you will get a message- "This form is currently not accepting responses". Hence, it is desirable that you complete the process of submission well before scheduled due time / end time e.g. two minutes before the scheduled due time / end time.