Women Safety and Redressal Policy

Over the years, women are entering the professional arena in large numbers and with it have arisen various issues regarding women’s security, safety and maintaining women’s dignity and self-respect. In this direction, the Honorable Supreme Court of India has issued a directive to various organisations and institutions to set up commissions to monitor and safeguard the interests of women in the society as well as at their workplace. The Gujarat University has also constituted a cell for the above mentioned purpose.

At College level, the Collegiate Women Development Cell (CWDC) began its activities in 2005-06. Since then, various efforts are being made to empower girl students by giving them self-defence training and enabling them to become financially independent by way of giving them vocational training. Over these years, we have conducted courses in Garment Designing and Development and Martial Arts and lectures on Peace and Harmony Stress Management,, competitions in Essay-writing, Elocution Workshops in Art and Craft, Yogasana and other such programs that go a long way towards the holistic development of our female students.