Healthy Campus

The Healthy Campus activity is an initiative of the Narcotics Control Bureau, Ahmedabad. This initiative is for educational institutions of the state of Gujarat,India. The initiative has identified seven key areas – Healthy living, Social-consciousness, Stress-management, Building self-esteem, Developing critical-thinking, Developing soft-skills, and Living a drug-free life. The initiative aims to be led by students who undertake activities to promote healthy living on campus.

At the college level, the healthy campus committee comprising  a representative from the teaching faculty,  Dr. Chirag J. Trivedi and five officiating students was formed in the year 2015 -16. A team of more than 75 volunteers was constituted by the committee and various activities, associated with the said key areas, were planned and executed. The team had significantly arranged a three week yoga camp for students and their parents. Various activities like Poster-making competition, Theme-based rally, Street play etc. were carried out with remarkable proficiency by the team towards  promoting awareness on these areas.